Five Healthy Habits for 2017

I'm not a fan of quick-fix New Year's resolutions or diets that leave your self-esteem deflated and your appetite raging, but I do think that if you are motivated by a new year, then this is a fantastic opportunity to harness that motivation, and turn it in to positive behaviour changes. Here are my 5 healthy habits to work on for 2017, have a read! 

5 learnings from Dietetics Semester one

On top of all the textbook teachings there were also many more subtle messages that I have learned in semester one of my masters that I think will make me a more open-minded and better learner and dietitian, and may help you too! Have a read of five of my learnings from my first semester of dietetics!  

Who else wants to eat healthier snacks?

Some people are snackers, others are not. I am most definitely a snacker and will have a few snacks per day, being guided by my appetite. If you're a regular snacker, it's important to choose your snacks wisely. The best approach to snacking is to go back to basics and choose simple easy snacks, based on whole ingredients. Below are some healthy snacking examples.